Colors of Hope and Healing

Colors of Hope and Healing (SOLD)

Set of 12 panels
20'l x 24"h x 3”d

Collection: Houston Methodist Woodlands Health Education and Learning Center
Woodlands, TX

Colors of Hope and Healing radiates Nature’s color spectrum and is installed in the lobby of Houston Methodist’s newly constructed, Woodlands Health Education and Learning Center (HEAL). HEAL is a one-of-a-kind program focused on meeting the physical and emotional needs of patients and their families as they navigate recovery from cancer. The 12-panel, 20 ft wall of glass, offers valuable opportunities for patients, staff, and visitors to pause, reflect, and absorb the beauty of color while taking one’s mind away from the trauma of cancer and towards essential healing.

When walking along the lobby corridor to view the artistic color spectrum, guests are greeted with panels of beautiful transparent, opaque, and iridescent glass that create a visually soothing experience. The colorful sheet glass was purposefully designed by hand-cutting hundreds of rectangle, trapezoid, and triangle shapes carefully placed in a vertical pattern. The arrangement is similar to faceted gems which reflect the underlying symmetry of crystal structures with angles cut to increase the color and add sparkle. By melting the art glass panels in the kiln three times, with the final firing softening over architectural forms, the glass becomes undulated creating a delightful textural surface that is most pleasing to the eye.