Peaceful Respiration

Peaceful Respiration (SOLD)

48”w x 24”h x 3”d
Dimensionally fused glass

Humans and plants are connected to each other. We need the oxygen from plants to breathe, and they need the carbon dioxide we exhale to live. It is my hope that by viewing these beautiful glass monstera leaves, viewers will reflect on that reciprocity, and find fulfillment, joy and peace.

When we take the time to stop, breathe, and look at plants in nature, we feel cool and relaxed. We know in our former lives, we were once plants and trees. The human species is a very young species—-we appeared on the Earth only recently. Before that, we were rock, we were gas, we were minerals, we were single-celled beings.

Sitting quietly in nature helps recall that history. Meditating on our breath and the symbiotic oxygen/carbon dioxide cycle, is one pathway to mindfulness and inner peace.