Red Sky at Night

Red Sky at Night (SOLD)

22” w x 30” h
Fused glass, stainless steel and acrylic paint on wood

There is something enchanting about a neon red sunset cast over shimmering waves. No matter what you are doing, or where you need to be, when nature paints the sky this spectacular color and gives reason to pause—stop everything. Lesson for life. Undulating layers of red, green, blue and oyster transparent and opaque fused glass create the gentle calm of waves lapping the waters edge. An elegant stainless steel tree branch with blue-orange glass leaves arches over the lake breaking the boundary of the wood frame to cast shadows on your wall. Display this elegant fused glass art on a western facing room bathed in afternoon sunlight for an elegant afternoon pick-me-up. Prelude for an invigorating evening. Solid wood cherry frame.

Collection: Private, Verona, WI