wa·ter  noun \wädər\

a transparent, colorless liquid that is the basis of Earth’s aquifers, rain, streams, lakes, rivers and oceans.

The Waterscapes Series pays homage to the unique beauty of our lakes, rivers, wetlands, and seas. I love living and working in the Midwest because of the abundance of lakes and rivers in which I can swim, kayak and quietly observe water, light, and motion. My Wisconsin home and studio sit atop a ridge overlooking the meandering Sugar River where I am surrounded by water and open skies. In winter, the snow falls and rivers freeze, providing additional water-based scenes of beauty. I am a great admirer of Earth’s watersheds and in them I find beauty and inspiration for creating art glass.

Melted into each work of art, you will discover my daily interactions with the watersheds I value and adore. The result is exquisite, colorful, textural art for you to acquire, exhibit, and appreciate.